OZY: "How Bison Will Take Over Suburban Wasteland"

Zach Mortice interviews Conor O'Shea / Hinterlands Urbanism and Landscape for the OZY piece "How Bison Will Take Over Suburban Wasteland." Also featured in the article are Gia Biagi / StudioGang, Steven Handel, and Fionn Byrne.

"Past the suburban fringe of Chicago, 60 miles west of Lake Michigan, the seemingly endless rhythm of curving cul-de-sac neighborhoods and strip malls gives way to vast expanses of green — cropland and wild prairie, divided by knots of rail yards where semitrailers wait to pick up cargo. Angular buildings are topped with green roofs, and cantilevered over the tracks are pedestrian-scale eco-villages: apartments, houses, schools and shops mixed in with the blur of shipping activity. Separated by an embankment, bison graze next to one of the continent’s largest inland freight rail hubs … and your kitchen.

Welcome to the Chicago exurbs, circa 2100. These are your neighbors, including the rail yard."

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Conor O'Shea